50 millionth pushbelt Bosch Transmission Technology

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Last summer, at Bosch Transmission Technology in Tilburg, the 50 millionth pushbelt was produced. To be able to produce 50 million pushbelts you need an excellent machine park. A machine park built by partners with expertise and providing drive and control technology that you can trust blindly. VHE Industrial Automation is one of the partners that has been involved in the development and construction of the machine park from the beginning, in cooperation with several machine builders (like AAE and VDL ETG) in our region. The fact that this machine park has been manufacturing the pushbelts since 1985 is due to the quality of the drive and control products of our representations Georgii Kobold, SIEB & MEYER and SPN.

We congratulate Bosch Transmission Technology, formerly Van Doorne’s Transmission, for achieving this milestone and thanking them for the confidence and looking forward to the continuation of our relationship in the next 35 years.

Attached a link to an article about the 50 millionth pushbutton placed by AT drive technology (Dutch language only):
Article AT-aandrijftechniek