ELE Rally remains a constant factor for Van de Ven and Hubers

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The ELE Rally will be the first rally in 2015 for rally duo John van de Ven and Jos Hubers in their red, white and blue Ford Escort RS 2000. After extensive mechanical work on the competition class Escort during the winter, which included completely rebuilding the gearbox and modifying the rear axle, the car did not perform as expected during initial tests. Subsequent analysis of the problem and the search for solutions have delayed the team’s first appearance during the new rally season.

Even so, as in previous years, the team is eagerly looking forward to revving up again on the starting line. This time at SchippersStop in Veldhoven. On the one hand because this rally takes place on the team’s home turf and on the other hand because the organisers have announced several improvements. While the ELE organisation has clearly set its sights on the future, John and Jos are focusing completely on successfully participating in this 51st ELE Rally for the moment.

Supported by an enthusiastic team of mechanics, John and Jos set out a new programme each year, with one constant factor: taking part in the ELE Rally. Website: ELE Rally

VHE Industrial automation is one of the partners.