Planetary gear Pure serie

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New generation high performance planetary gears SPN


SPN’s Pure-series high performance planetary gears is characterized by higher output torques , higher permissible radial forces, reduced inertia and higher rigidity.

These characteristics are realized by:

  • applying an optimized helical toothing that also reduced the sound level.

  • applying tapered roller bearings on the output shaft.

  • applying a modified motor construction manner with a modified bearing.

  • reducing the distance between the toothing and the output shaft.

The planetary gears are provided with a torsionally rigid steel housing with B5 flange.
The Pure-series is available in 6 sizes, 43 to 48, with output torques up to 900 Nm. The Pure-series is available with 20 gear ratios and backlashes <4′ for a single stage and <6′ for two stage versions.
Upon request, the Pure-series is available with backlashes of less than 1 arc minute so they are also suitable in high precision applications.