SD2M Drive Amplifier with DC Voltage Supply

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New Areas of Application for the 3-level Technology

SIEB & MEYER expands its product range of the multilevel-based drive amplifiers SD2M by adding two variants with DC voltage supply. Hence, new areas of application open up for these innovative devices, for example, in the area of machine tools.

The new variants of the drive amplifier SD2M have a performance of 183 kVA and/or 367 kVA at a supply voltage of 750 VDC. The DC voltage supply also enables to operate the SD2M with a regenerative power supply unit. This way, applications with a process-related repeated braking operation can use the benefits of the 3-level technology. This applies for example for machine tools and test rigs.

The combination of the 3-level technology and a PWM (pulse-width modulation) switching frequency of 16 kHz provides output currents with the least harmonic frequency components, as is the case for existing variants with an integrated power supply unit. Thus, SD2M drive amplifiers ensure low motor heating for high-speed motors. The losses due to PWM are reduced to 25% compared to a frequency converter with a 2-level technology and a PWM switching frequency of 8 kHz. This is why users can operate motors up to a rotating field frequency of 2,000 Hz without using sine-wave filters or motor chokes in most of the cases. This results not only in a smaller size but also in significantly reduced system costs compared to standard solutions.

The SD2M drive amplifiers can be easily integrated by means of digital and analog inputs and outputs, as well as standard interfaces such as RS232, CAN, EtherCAT and USB. An easy parameterization is ensured by the high-performance PC software drivemaster2 which supports frequency converters and drive amplifiers of the entire SD2 series.


The DC voltage supply also enables to operate the SD2M with a regenerative power supply unit.