SPN planetary reduction gearboxes

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‘Pure’ series planetary reduction gearboxes

The Pure series of planetary reduction gearboxes is characterised by higher output torque values, higher permissible radial forces, reduced inertia and greater stiffness.

These characteristics have been achieved by:

1. using an optimally angled helical gear profile that also reduces noise;

2. using tapered roller bearings on the output shaft;

3. using a modified motor attachment method with improved bearings;

4. reducing the distance between the gear teeth and the output shaft.

The planetary reduction gearboxes feature a torsion-resistant steel housing with a B5 flange.

The Pure series is available in six sizes, 43 to 48 inclusive, with output torque specifications of as much as 900 Nm. The gearboxes are offered with approximately 20 different reduction ratios and backlashes of less than 4 arc minutes for a single stage design and less than 6 arc minutes for two-stage designs. Subject to customer enquiry, the Pure series is also available with a backlash of less than 1 arc minute for extremely accurate applications.

The Pure series gearboxes are lubricated for life. Simple assembly is guaranteed by tangential clamping and sun wheel fixation.