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Tooth racks: geometrical precision

The tooth racks offered by SPN Schwaben Präzision Fritz Hopf GmbH are mainly used in machine tools and handling, transport and robotic systems. The main USP of these components is the exact machining of the teeth, or the complete tooth rack. In addition to long-standing experience and the use of high quality semi-finished products at all stages up to the tempering process, precision machinery is required to produce the housing and tooth profiles. In order to ensure perfect grinding of the tooth rack, the Nördlingen-based drive specialist continuously invests in the most modern tooling available.

Much lower noise is one of the user benefits of these precision-ground tooth racks. At the same time, they offer the ability to increase the speed and acceleration of the drive. Variances in pitch are practically negligible. This reduces wear and increases efficiency. As a result, installation costs and component replacement costs are lower. Furthermore, smaller component sizes can be achieved with precision-ground tooth racks than with milled tooth racks.

The current range offered by SPN includes both small and large tooth racks up to a length of four metres, and tooth profiles for an extensive range of applications and sectors.

The tooth racks from SPN can be supplied in combination with idler and planetary reduction gears such as the RC, U and Pure series.


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