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Customised Motor Design

Within our product range we have two leading suppliers for Customized Motor Design, Georgii Kobold and GMN. Georgii Kobold supplies synchronous and asynchronous servomotors, torquemotors, magnetic transmissions and stainless steel synchronous and asynchronous servomotors. In addition to machine spindles, GMN supplies Customized High Speed Motors for many applications.

Georgii Kobold GmbH & Co. KG in Horb am Neckar (Germany) has been producing components for drive technology since 1924. Torque motors, servomotors and magnetic transmissions belong among others to the product range of Georgii Kobold.

In addition, asynchronous and synchronous servomotors are available in stainless steel versions for both the food and pharmaceutical industry, also in EHEDG design.



Customised Motor Design

Customized Motor Design is being developed and executed by 80 highly qualified employees. From dimensioning the motor winding to the mechanical design and manufacturing the drive for your unique machine.

For all your questions regarding Georgii Kobold Customized Motors please contact: Paul van der Krieken

VHE represents all products of Georgii Kobold in the Benelux.

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GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG KG in Nürnberg (Germany) has been developing and manufacturing precision ball bearings, frictionless seals and machine spindles for more than 90 years. The majority of these high-tech products are produced according to customer specifications. In addition to these special versions, GMN supplies a large range of standard spindles. Machine spindles come in different versions such as foreign, belt or motor driven spindles and high frequency spindles with automatic or manual tool change. They are available for speeds up to 250,000 rpm, power up to 350 kW and torque up to 1,750 Nm. All precision parts and bearings come from GMN's own production, so that the quality of the products is guaranteed.

Customised High Speed Motors

GMN also develops and manufactures High Speed Motors for many applications, such as test benches, e-mobility, machine building, pumps, turbines, etc. Maximum power, minimal losses, through the use of high-quality magnetic materials, tin packs and motor parts, we are able to produce low-loss electric motors and to develop generators with high rotational speeds. In comparison with standard motors, High Speed motors can be significantly more compactly dimensioned at the same power.

As an example the GMN MSP series High Speed Motors, they combine excellent power density with the knowledge and expertise of GMN in the field of bearings and seals for High Speed applications. These motors have models according to IEC 60034-7, mounting dimensions according to DIN EN 50347, water cooling, GMN contactless seals and GMN bearings.

For all your questions regarding GMN Customized Motors please contact: Paul van der Krieken

VHE represents GMN in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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