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kabel assemblage

Cable & cable harness assembly

We design, assemble and test prefab cable sets and cable harnesses for, among other things, industrial machines and control panels. Providing the advantage that the cabling of machines and installations in the field can be done very quickly and without errors. We are able to deliver custom and flexible solutions with high quality.

Full track & trace by digital product registration

By our digital production registration system we are able to completely track, trace and  monitor all production steps and actions. This enables us to continuously improve efficiency and quality.

100% testing, <0,1% margin of error

All our cables and cable harnesses are monitored from start to finish and 100% tested. This enables us to optimize the production process and to minimize errors in production. At this moment we are able to realize a margin of error less than 0.1%.

Wire machine & cable cutting line

To ensure high-quality and efficient production, we have skilled personal and automated a number of production tools, such as a wire machine and a cable cutting line.

Flexible capacity & same day delivery - fast lane supplier

VHE is able to call in production capacity where necessary for you. In addition, VHE is a recognized fast lane supplier and same day delivery is possible.

About VHE - Passion for Industrial Automation

VHE is your partner in industrial automation with the disciplines of engineering, control cabinet construction and cable assembly. We serve our innovative customers from the very first engineering, through prototyping up to efficient repetitive production. By delivering on our promises, together with our customer and partners, in a flexible and fast manner, we strive to be the best industrial automation company in the Netherlands.

More information?

Do you have questions and are you interested in a collaboration with VHE? Feel free to contact us via info@vhe.nl or 040 – 250 85 00. We are happy to help you!