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Control cabinet construction

Control cabinet construction - the production and assembly of control cabinets and panels for machines - is one of the expertises of VHE. You can contact us for the construction of prototypes and small numbers of control cabinets and panels as well as repetitive series production in our LEAN production hall. We work for clients in various sectors, including semicon, automotive, food, packaging, solar and e-mobility. We have a clean room available for constructing the panels under dust-free conditions. We are able to deliver fast and custom build control panels with high quality.

Cabinet construction from prototype to small series production

In our facility in Eindhoven we build prototypes, single pieces and small series of control cabinets. We are able to implement improvements quickly together with you and our in-house Design & Engineering department.

Repeating series production – control cabinet construction according to LEAN method

In our branch in Veldhoven we produce repetitive series panels according to the LEAN method. We have fully implemented the LEAN concept at this location, from the just-in-time delivery of components and sub assays, to assembling and testing the products in a flowcell. This approach reduces the turnaround time and increases the quality. Moreover, the efficiency leads to lower costs.

LEAN production: high quality at low cost

The production process of the control cabinets is divided into cells. The cabinets move step by step through the production line. In each cell a part of the assembly of the control cabinets is done. With this method several systems are built per day, with quality ever increasing at low costs.

Materials are delivered to the right place exactly on time and the production process is increasingly automated, for example by using a machine that can strip and cut cables and wires fully automatically to the correct length and provides coding at the same time.

High quality standard in panel construction

With a specialized team, various control cabinets and panels with a high quality standard are built according to the applicable standards in machine building, of which the most important are NEN-EN-IEC 60204 and NEN-EN-IEC 61439.

Panel construction according to American standards

In addition, VHE is a certified UL508a-listed panel shop, which means that we are allowed to build and test products for the American market.

100% quality guarantee

In prototyping as well as lean production, products are 100% tested before they are delivered, thus guaranteeing quality.

Full track & trace by digital product registration

By our digital production registration system we are able to completely track, trace and monitor all production steps and actions. This enables us to continuously improve efficiency and quality.


VHE has a cleanroom of approx. 400 m² which has a ISO class 7 classification. The cleanroom allows us to create a protected dust-free environment for the creation of a high-quality product, which is often a requirement within the semicon and health industry.

Industry specific knowledge & experience in panel construction

VHE Industrial Automation has been active for 60 years in various sectors, including semiconductor, automotive, food, packaging, solar and e-mobility. This enables us to think along with you in a solution for your specific application.

Flexible capacity & same day delivery - fast lane supplier

In order to serve our customers well, we act flexibly and act quickly. Realizing short delivery times and quickly switching manpower where necessary is what sets us apart. In addition, VHE is a recognized fast lane supplier and same day delivery is possible.

About VHE - Passion for Industrial Automation

VHE is your partner in industrial automation with the disciplines of engineering, control cabinet construction and cable assembly. We serve our innovative customers from the very first engineering, through prototyping up to efficient repetitive production. By delivering on our promises, together with our customer and partners, in a flexible and fast manner, we strive to be the best industrial automation company in the Netherlands.

More information?

Do you have questions and are you interested in a collaboration with VHE? Feel free to contact us via info@vhe.nl or 040 – 250 85 00. We are happy to help you!