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In order to innovate in ground-breaking high-tech markets, everything has to come together. VHE is THE co-development partner specialised in Machine Control, Machine Connectivity and Motion Control systems, which leaves you to fully focus on your ‘core technology’ innovation, and speed up your time-to-market.

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The Machine Control system is a critical part of every high-tech machine. The most important functions are to receive and process (sensor) data and drive the physical control systems in the machine. We develop and assemble complex control cabinets, panels and PCB Solutions.



The Machine Connectivity systems are the ‘nerve centres’ of the high-tech machine. The most important functions are the transmission of crucial signals, data and power from the Machine Control system to the various components. We develop and assemble complex cable sets and cable harnesses.



Motion Control systems move objects in one or more directions. In high-tech machines the emphasis lies on high precision, high speed and high reliability.

Tomorrow's technology developed step by step together.

The journey from proof-of-principle to producing a ground breaking high-tech machine is challenging. We help and support Original Equipment Manufacturers through every step in the development process of complex systems.

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