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As a true co-development partner, we are only satisfied when you are.

Developing a state-of-the-art, high-tech machine is a challenge. We know full well that this sometimes requires taking a step back before moving forward two. That calls for true partnership, full flexibility, and perseverance in order to reach the required result.

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Based on your requirements, our multi-disciplined system architects think along with you when it comes to making (functional) design choices, taking into account mandatory standards and the industrial manufacturability.

  • Setting up requirements and specifications.
  • Developing an electrical design.
  • Identifying and agreeing on relevant standards.
  • Developing electrical control solutions.
  • Determining motion solutions.

Set-up requirements and specifications

An “Element Performance Specification (EPS)” is used to determine the conditions and requirements of a project, which includes details on functionality and other important technical information. The “Electrical Design Specification (EDS)” contains all the technical information pertaining to the electrical solutions required for a product or a project.



Our hardware and software engineers develop a fully integrated system. Here, too, we keep a close eye on optimal functionality, industrial manufacturability and economic feasibility.

Hardware engineering

Our hardware engineers convert the design specifications of the control panel into an electro-technical design, using engineering software such as EPLAN Pro Panel, SEE Electrical and AutoCAD. We guarantee a high quality design within the agreed deadline and, if required, in 3D.

Software engineering

VHE software engineers carry out your projects based on your standard platform for automation systems and software platforms. However, feel free to ask our advice on alternative options that would match your specific application. We have extensive knowledge of, and experience with, all PLC, SCADA, Servo Control and embedded software that is generally used in automation systems for drive and control installations.




We werken conform alle relevante normen waaronder UL en semicon.
Alles wat wij afleveren is 100% getest.

Our experienced technicians assemble components fast and professionally in close collaboration with our architects and engineers. From design to functioning prototype. With regular testing and improving, the end result is a system that works perfectly for you.


Serieproductie Serial production

VHE has all the expertise, capacity and certified facilities to assemble your systems in-house. However, on-site assembly is also an option. Our work method is LEAN, from the just-in-time delivery of component kits and sub-assemblies, to the flowcell assembly and testing of products. We work with our own quality and management system  “Zerox” whereby all processes are digitalised as much as possible.


We produce high complexity, low volume cabinets (1-1000 items) and are specialised in assembling complex bundles (50-100 cables). One-day delivery.


Lifecycle management

We remain involved after delivering a working machine. We offer aftersales services: guarding against and preventing obsolescence/end-of-life of components, and machine repair/refurbishment/upgrading in our factory or on-site.




Track & Trace

All production steps are stored on our self-developed management system, “Zerox”. This allows us to follow the production process from purchasing to manufacturing, and enables us to intervene, if and when necessary.

End of Life

All components used are stored per project in our management system, “Zerox”. This enables us to help you replace end-of-life components long into the future.


We have facilities to work under cleanroom conditions. VHE has an in-house, grade 4 cleanroom of 400 m2 (ISO7) and an external, grade 2 cleanroom (ISO5). We offer our clients the possibility of building and testing machines in these cleanrooms. They enable us to create a protected, dust-free area for the development of a high-quality product, which is often mandatory within the semi-conductor and health industry sectors.

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