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Working and studying is certainly possible at VHE. We are an Accredited Training Company for courses in the technical and logistics sectors.

Let’s look at the possibilities for you. First of all, what is the difference between BOL vocational training and BBL vocational training?

BOL vocational training

 During a BOL training course, you are at school for approximately 70% of the time. Your practical training takes up approximately 30% of the course, and this is usually the period of time you spend as an apprentice at a company. At VHE, you receive payment during your apprenticeship.

VHE provides a mentor who is responsible for your practical training, and you are assigned a workplace. Your study mentor at school is closely involved in your progress. Students who have a preference for theoretical learning often choose the BOL pathway. They prefer to continue learning at school for longer before going out to find a job.

BBL vocational training

 During a BBL vocational training course, most of your time is spent at your Training Company. The breakdown between practical training and classroom learning is approximately 80% – 20%. You learn your skill on the job and receive a salary for the work you do.

You are, therefore, an employee of VHE during the duration of your BBL course. You receive a salary and study costs. In addition, you also fall under the VHE Collective Labour Agreement (Metalektro).

You work 4 days a week at VHE where you have your own workplace. You enter into a Vocational Training agreement with VHE, which means you are assigned a mentor at VHE who is responsible for your practical training, and you also have contact with your study mentor at school.

If you are looking for a practical learning pathway, BBL is the one you should choose.

If you have completed your studies, or have stopped because your interests lie elsewhere, then BBL gives you an excellent opportunity to re-train in another sector.

University of Applied Sciences (HBO)

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Have you already started working but would like to combine your work with further studies? That is also possible at VHE. Please contact us, without obligation, to find out what the possibilities are.

VHE is an Accredited Training Company and works together with SUMMA College for Vocational Training, and FONTYS University of Applied Sciences.