SIEB & MEYER Motion Controller MC2

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Serial Synchronisation

Modern, complex processing and inspection systems are often based on ultrasound technology, X-ray sources or image recognition, as these technologies offer maximum precision. In practice however, powerful Motion Control systems are needed in order to optimally exploit this accuracy. SIEB & MEYER offers the right solution for this: the Motion Controller MC2 and the associated SD2S series of amplifiers.

The Motion Controller MC2 is the link between a higher-level PC-based controller and one or more SIEB & MEYER SD2/SD2S series amplifiers. It receives and processes the data and commands from the controller and transfers them to the amplifiers. This arrangement results in an intelligent drive system in which PC-based analysis software is capable of controlling eight positioning shafts exactly and synchronously. Communication takes place via UDP (User Datagram Protocol) to IEC 61800 and an Ethernet connection. An optionally available field bus module is used to interface with Profinet, EtherCAT, Profibus and other bus systems. Communication with the SIEB & MEYER amplifiers is initiated via fibre optic connections and SERVOLINK 4.

Time-synchronous data directly from the drive system

In processing and inspection systems, the software-based analysis process should ideally be synchronised with the movements in the machine. A common problem in this area is that the signals generated by the drive system differ from those generated by the analysis system in terms of accuracy and magnitude of scale and, furthermore, they are not time-synchronous. Consequently, this data from the positioning measurement system has to be processed via expensive evaluation units first. SIEB & MEYER’s MC2/SD2S drive system is capable of making this information available directly from the amplifier with an accuracy of 0.1 µm. The MC2 also allows flexible processing of the data delivered by the user software. As a result, the drive system contributes significantly to reducing costs and optimising total system quality.

Real-time transfer to amplifiers

A real-time control system in the Motion Controller MC2 itself passes data time-synchronously to the amplifiers. This makes controlled spatial movements of the shafts possible. The MC2 can optionally be equipped with an IEC 61131-compliant SoftPLC to allow programming of a sequencing control routine with the connected amplifiers.